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Dog & Cat Groomer

Since I was young, I have always wanted to work with animals and went to college for veterinary technician. When I was given the chance to work as a bather, everything just clicked. Since then I have worked my way up in the grooming industry for 4 years and would not change it for the world.
I am very open to changing up haircuts and take pride in doing more complicated looks for our clients.  So if you have a creative request, I am all for it!

During the summer my spouse and I take pleasure in heading to the east coast, enjoying the sea breeze and creative culture. I consider myself an artist both through drawing in my free time and the grooms that I do. I love my job, the freedom of creating and making my pet clients feel so proud after their haircuts!

Click to see the different types of grooms you can get for your furry family. At Beacon Hill Fur family we like to spend time mixing different styles together to cater to the needs and style best for the dog and parent preference. 

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