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Cat, Creative and Dog Groomer

Amanda has a very diverse career in pet grooming. She started as a bather in 2018 to learn proper preparation. Then she went to academy within her first year to become a dog groomer. In the first 3 years of her career she became a Salon Leader and educator for future groomers. She also has a strong desire to learn and as a result has expanded her skills to both cat grooming and creative grooming. 


She shows her passion by teaching others and being open to trying new techniques and haircuts. She believes everyone has their own style of grooming and that constantly learning new things is essential in this career.

Throughout the year she travels to seminars and workshops to develop new skills and hone her abilities. During the summer she loves to travel to the east coast with her spouse. Enjoying both the seaside air and creative culture.


She believes in the freedom of creating and making her pet clients feel so proud after their haircuts!

Click to see the different types of grooms you can get for your furry family. At Beacon Hill Fur family we like to spend time mixing different styles together to cater to the needs and style best for the dog and parent preference. 

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