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About Me - Sophie Bertrand 1.webp


Dog Bather, Playdate Trainer

Hi! My name is Sophie, I’ve always been a big animal lover my entire life which is why choosing a career surrounded by animals was a must! Helping animals live their happiest and healthiest life is one of the best feelings. 


I have immersed myself into the dog world six years ago when I first got my dog. We have participated in many dog sports together.

This past year I have been working as a dog walker and sitter as well as studying carnivore nutrition. 


My most memorable memories have to be whenever I am on the road with my dog. Over the years we have done anything from car camping to staying in an off grid treehouse and everything in between. 


My favourite hobby outside of dog sports has to be hunting and fishing and always having my canine partner next to me on all these endeavours of mine!

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