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Meet Our Team

This warm and comfortable shop offers a large welcoming space with experienced groomers and trainers ready to provide attentive and nurturing service for your cherished family pet. 

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Kim Quig 

What can I tell you about me? My passion for dogs

started at a very early age. I grew up with a terrier in

the house and always giggled with the puppy kisses.

(And no, I never *wink wink* fed him from my high chair!). 

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 I have always had a very strong natural love

and passion for the wellbeing of all pets.

My youngest son has an axolotl which

has been quite a learning curve for us

all but man is Axel the Axolotl a lot of fun!  

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I had the pleasure and education of owning

a Jack Russell in my early 20s. I didn’t know much about choosing a

puppy at the time so I hadn’t appreciated that she wasn’t properly socialized when I picked her up. 

She was already 16 weeks old, all of which spent with just her mom and litter. She was (mostly!) house trained but when it came to being around other animals, of any type, she would turn into a literal velociraptor-Tasmanian-devil creature. This made Puppy Training exceptionally challenging for her and I. Because she was so reactive, we spent the first entire training session, 6 weeks, just learning to be in the space but nowhere near the other puppies.

The next session we saw improvement and by the end of the third set of sessions (a full 18

weeks) she was able to socialize! We worked as a team to nurture her, calm her and show her 


she was safe! She and I did a lot of homework too. It really helped me bond with her and helped her trust me. She taught me that if she was happy, so was I! Later I was the proud owner of Zeus the Airedale. I went from one of the smaller terriers to the king of the terriers! He was such a lap-dog despite his 75lb stature! He was amazing at obstacles but somehow always managed to hit his nose on the wall when turning corners! And OHHH the zoomies were something else with him! Tuck and spin and spin!

And then I had kids, two boys, and life took a turn. I was a single mom for four years with two young boys and our lifestyle was way too hectic to have a dog in the family. Now that my sons are older (18 and 14) I am longing to have doggy-hugs in my life.  To fulfill my craving, I volunteered every week for about 18 months at a local grooming shop. It was a highlight of my week to go into the shop to vacuum, fold towels, help with nail trims and keeping the dogs safe on the grooming table if the groomer had to go support another dog. I was also surprised how physical a job grooming can be! Luckily I am a National Level Powerlifter so I could help lift the big boys into the tub when they were too lazy (or nervous) to climb the stairs!

I loved this experience and Beacon Hill (and surrounding level) have so many dogs and so few grooming appointments available that my husband and I decided we could put my more than 25 years of engineering and project management experience to good use by opening our own grooming and training facility. There is such a need to help, I have also volunteered with AireCanada Ontario Airedale Rescue. 

Watching TV and hearing the news, I have always wanted to rescue all the dogs, save all the pets and heal all the battered furry friends. I know I can’t save them all but I am hoping this shop can make all the pets that come in feel fresh, healthy and happy! And that we can use some of the proceeds to groom some rescues and adopted pets that are in need. Maybe a fresh groom will even help them find their forever-homes faster!



Owner & Groomer

Dog & Cat Groomer 

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Dog Bather & Puppy Playdate Supervisor

photo coming soon....

Dog Bather & Front Lobby

Dog Bather & Front Lobby


Dog Trainer

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