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Fur Family



We will thoroughly bath your pet nose to tip of their tail. We will blow their fur helping to shed as much loose fur as possible. We will then trim their nails, fur between their feet pads, and a quick sanitary trim too.  This service does not include shaving or sculpting. You can pamper your pet more with teeth or ear cleaning, anti-static spritz or a pleasant cologne

Bath & Tidy

Starting At: xs:
s: $77+
m: $93.50+
l: $104.50+
xl: $115.50+

Puppy Intro

Starting At: 
$60+ 30lbs & under
$77+ over 30lbs

Less than 5 months. Since many puppies are nervous around grooming tools we will work with them to calm them in the space, hold the non-cutting end of the shaver on them so they get the sensation and realise they are safe. If your puppy is cooperating well this first visit could include everything listed in bath and tidy.

Maeve 2022-09-19 3.jpg
Maeve 2022-09-19 2.jpg

Bath & Undercoat

This is very similar to a bath and tidy but is meant specifically for dogs with a double coat (retreivers, huskies, samoas for example). Everything listed in bath and tidy will be included but extra time and care will be taken to blow the loose second coat to reduce the fur you'll find under your sofa at home

Starting At: 
xs: $77+
s: $93.50+
m: $104.50+
l: $135+
xl: $154+

aspen filling the shower.jpg
Caramel 2022-09-29 .jpg
hazel 1.jpg

Full Groom Dog

While the price of this service is based on the size of your pet and the starting state of their coat, we are going to give them a full bath experience, plus a full dry and nail trim. The groomer will discuss how your want your final cut to look including sanitary, full body, legs, ears and of course that face! You can pamper your pet more with teeth or ear cleaning, anti-static spritz or a pleasant cologne

Starting At: 
xs: $85
s: $100
m: $110
l: $140
xl: $185


Louie 2022-10-18.jpg
Nigel 2022-10-08.jpg


If you have unfortunately been SKUNKED, call for an "emergency" appointment and we will try to fit you in and get your baby back to smelling like themselves again

size & severity

Specialty Haircuts

If you would like your dog to have a breed specific cut (Like an Airedale or Pom-Pom Poodle), Prefer handstripping or Hand Scissoring only, we can definitely accommodate!




If you aren't looking for a full groom and just want as many matts gone as possible we can work them out!


Tired of being covered in fur from head to toe! We can use our specialized blowers and brushing to deshed and give you some relief!


Special Handling

Sometimes they just don't want to cooperate but we will still be patient and gentle so it might take us longer to finish grooming.


Bath and Brush Out

Includes nails, ears, pads, standard shampoo, dry, brush/kong/horse-rake

XS $38.50 (approx 30min total)

S $50 (approx 40min total)

M $60 (approx 50min total)

L $71.50 (approx 60min total)

XL  $82.50 (approx 70min total)

Dog Nail Clipping

Get those nails under control! recommended once a month to avoid the quicks getting too long.


Nail Plus

Nails clipped, sanitary, trim around eyes so they can see you again


Nails for Other Furry Friends


Get those nails under control! recommended once a month to avoid the quicks getting too long.

Because They Deserve To
Be Pampered Too.


While we are doing everything else, why not have us clean their teeth too.

Fixed Price:

Scratches (nail grind)


Sometimes clipping their nails can leave them a bit sharp for a few days. We can help with that by grinding the nails right after we clip them.

Smellin' Good

just ask!

We can help prolong that 'fresh cleaned pet smell' with a light spray of cologne



Some pets seem to get extra eye gunk and red-ish areas near the eyes and beard. This special facial helps reduce both! (add onto your grooming package!)

Extra White


Want your dog to GLOW! This extra is especial great for white dogs

Toe Bean Cream


Those little toe beans (pads) sure go through a lot, summer and winter! Treat them to a soothing wax that is safe, effective and will make them feel like they are walking on air!

Hear You Better


Many pets are prone to ear infections and matting in the ears. Have us clear that out as much as we can!



Does your pet have sensitive skin or fragrance allergies? We can use a special shampoo to help that sensitive skin.

No More Scootches

$6.50 with grooming
$21.99 stand alone

It isn't pleasant but we can help with those swollen anal glands and help reduce the scootches!

Sizing Guidelines 

these are general estimates and subject to change from dog to dog

X SMALL > 12lbs

SMALL 13 - 20

MEDIUM 21 - 40lbs

LARGE 41 - 90 lbs

XL 91 lbs <

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